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ICLP 2024 | 1. - 7. Sept. | Dresden, Germany


37th International Conference on Lightning Protection

Welcome to the 37th International Conference on Lightning Protection (ICLP), the premier global event dedicated to advancing the science and technology of lightning protection. We are excited to announce that the ICLP 2024 will be held in the beautiful city of Dresden, Germany.

This conference is an excellent opportunity to meet with the world's leading experts in the field of lightning protection, to discuss the latest research findings, and to learn about new developments in lightning physics and lightning protection technology. Participants will have the opportunity to present their research work, exchange ideas with colleagues, and network with industry professionals. The conference aims to bring together a wide range of experts, while presenting new ideas and inventions to the public.

ICLP 2024 will offer a diverse program of plenary sessions, technical sessions and poster sessions, covering a wide range of topics related to lightning research and lightning protection. Some of the key topics that will be addressed at the conference include lightning protection of structures, lightning measurement and artificial intelligence (AI), lightning protection of power systems, and lightning protection of E-vehicles and charging infrastructure.

In addition to the technical program, ICLP 2024 will also offer a series of social events, providing an opportunity to explore Dresden's rich history and culture, and to network with other conference attendees in a relaxed setting.

We invite lightning protection experts, researchers, engineers, consultants, manufacturer, entrepreneurs, medical lightning specialists, and students from around the world to join us at ICLP 2024 in Dresden, Germany. We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting event and to advancing the science and technology of lightning research and lightning protection together.

You are welcome to participate in the ICLP 2024 technical exhibition or support the event as a sponsor.

Call for papers

We invite all professional colleagues to present interesting, new, and worthy of discussion and to submit a paper no later than February 1st, 2024. All accepted peer reviewed papers will be included in the conference proceedings. If requested, the paper will also be published in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

At this conference, papers will be evaluated twice:

  1. Review of the full paper: necessary changes for the acceptance of the paper will be communicated to the authors.
  2. Review of the updated full paper

We are very much looking forward to your contribution!

Michael Rock, Fridolin Heidler, Alexander Kern


Michael Rock, Technical University Ilmenau, Conference Chairman
Fridolin Heidler, University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich, Technical Chairman
Alexander Kern, University of Applied Sciences Aachen, Technical Chairman

Preparing and submitting

Please prepare an full paper of the planned contribution using the file template (see homepage) and follow the general instructions below. The full paper consists of a maximum of six A4 pages including title, authorship, abstract, motivation, results, and associated images and references; page 7 contains a short professional CV and an author photo.
The paper must clearly demonstrate the technical-scientific content as well as the innovations.

Please upload the pdf file to EDAS, indicating whether a presentation as a talk or poster is desired. If the paper has not yet been published IEEE Xplore, you can additionally activate this publication.

To use EDAS, you will need a personal account. When using it for the first time, click on "create new account" and create a user account. If you have forgotten your login information, click on "reset your password" and enter your email address.

After successful login:

  • enter the presentation title
  • select the preferred presentation type "category": Lecture or Poster
  • select the most applicable topic focus
  • optionally select the additional publication at IEEE Xplore
  • add additional authors if necessary: in the line "Authors" under "Change Add" click on the plus symbol and select person via search and add.
  • upload the pdf file by clicking on the upload icon next to "Full paper".

After uploading you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

to paper submission

Important Dates


when (dd.mm.yyyy)

Deadline for submission of the full paper01.02.2024

Notification result 1st review


Deadline for submission of Full paper updated14.05.2024

Notification of result of 2nd review


Deadline for author registration24.06.2024

Upload of short CVs until


Start of event


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Conference topics

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  • Down Conductors and Earthing - Modelling of Soil Resistivity
  • Flash, Strokes and Ground Strikes 
  • LEMP - Applications, Return Stroke Modelling
  • Lightning - Physics, Discharge, Attachment and Environment 
  • Lightning Occurrence Characteristics - Nowcasting and AI 
  • Power System Protection and Analysis
  • Protection of E-Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure
  • Protection of Infrastructure
  • Protection of Railway Systems
  • Protection of Renewable Energy Systems
  • Protection of Transmission and Distribution Lines - Earthing
  • Safety - Human Safety, Case Studies, Statistics and Awareness
  • Tall Tower Studies
  • Testing - Laboratory Experiments, Standards
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Tips: How to prepare your paper for the proceedings

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The short abstracts and the paper titles (German/English) will be available in Online Libraries. After the conference, this will enable interested people to find easily these contributions.

For titles  use the given guidelines.

A picture tells more than 1000 words. Use the pictures so that these can translate the wished meaning at a glance...

Don't forget to announce the source.

References have to be included at the end of the paper. Please check the typing guidelines. If you wish to refer to other sources from this same event, please contact in advance the event organisers.

Templates for Authors
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TIP: Creating your presentation

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If you would like to insert the title graphic of the event or the logos of the organizers, you will find these under Downloads.

Our recommendation for the size of the presentation: A rule of thumb says: "1 slide per minute of presentation".

Convert videos into Windows Media video files (.wmv) using Microsoft Movie Maker. You integrate these into your presentation. Sound is not possible.

On the day of the event, at the latest during the break before your presentation, please bring your presentation as a ppt or pdf file on a USB stick and hand in your presentation to the technical department upon arrival at the registration counter or directly in the lecture room.

A Windows laptop with PowerPoint (ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx), Acrobat Reader (pdf) and a projector will be available for the presentation. If you are using special fonts and logos, please bring your own laptop due to possible incompatibilities.

During the break before your presentation, please test the start of the presentation and the correct display of the pages. Please familiarize yourself with the equipment.

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TIP: How to prepare your poster

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Wir empfehlen die Erstellung eines Posters in der Größe DIN A0 lang Format. You are free to design the layout of your poster.

If you wish to use the banner oder logo of the event, you can find this under "downloads".

Pinnboards (1,40 m x 1,20 m breit). Pins will be provided on site. The poster titles will be mentioned on boards.

Please put your poster on the your poster board on the the first day of the event (starting from 9:00 h) and remove it at the ene dof the event. Please note that posters that haven't been removed from authors will be disposed.

Please be at your poster board during the poster session in order to answer the questions of the attendees.

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Exhibition & Sponsoring

The ICLP will be accompanied by an exhibition which is well appreciated from the conference delegates.

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The ICLP will be accompanied by an exhibition which is well appreciated from the conference delegates.

The area for exhibitors and sponsors is the communicative core of the conference. Manufacturers and service provides present future and praxis oriented applications and products.

Exibition & Sponsoring
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